I am Kailas. A scientist lives in my mind and an artist in heart. Here you will find more of the latter - a tiny studio of self-expression. Images and words.

I travel far, wide and often. Distant, remote lands are irresistible. I climb mountains, slip into canyons, cross glaciers and rivers, coast seashores,  hide in forests and fog, dodge blizzards, sleep under stars, and do everything else in between. On motorcycles, or foot, or any vehicle that takes me there. And I make images. You will find them in this site. I also like to tell stories. You may find some of those too (in future)

American West is my muse. Arguably no other region on  Earth is as vast, diverse, awe-inspiring yet accessible. I criss-cross this region, often saddled on twin engines, hoping to see a fraction of its wonders. I also study intricacies of geography, anthropology, meteorology and astronomy through my travels and photography. The West gives me endless food for reflection and learning. 

But it's not only the West. I live in the beautiful State of North Carolina. I have many tales close to home as well.  

My Images

I am yet to understand fully the style and flavor of my creations and choices. I never may, or never need to. But I make images that have a strong and complex sense of place. Obscurity, remoteness, harshness, serenity, awe and dynamism of places. All kinds of places - famous or not.

Every town or road or mountain brings unexpected charms to journeys. Their untold tales are my images. I like the magnificence of a Grand Canyon or a Yosemite. But the delicate morning in Wilbur, Washington complete with deep blue sky, thousands of cloud clusters extending into horizon,  frigid air spreading into my face as I slid my bike downhill is what I revel in and rave about. Subtle yet profound joys that come from two wheels, an open road, and endless permutations of ambiance as I move spaces are my inspiration. 

Beyond the quirks in physiography and culture embedded in places, metaphors of the human condition abound in nature. I make images when I see them.  

For now, let's just call these images extension of my eccentric story. Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to share, make comments and get in touch! 

Reach me

at kailasv@gmail.com


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  • Kailas Venkat

    on January 21, 2017

    Thanks Kamakshi :)

  • Deepa Kamakshi

    on January 21, 2017

    Great step Kailas:) love reading ur stories with grt pics :) Guess I wil know u better here than jus as my college buddy! Keep posting:) And all the best Wishes to you:)

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